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The Hispanic-Canadian community is increasingly numerous and has a very special feature: it is a very commercially focused community, which is present in many important areas of Ontario's economy, such as the automotive sector, travel, services, insurance, finance, Food, entertainment. , Health, real estate, technology; To mention some of them. We know that you recognize this and that is why we think positively that your ad must be present in our network.


MKTmedia offers a widely used advertising system throughout the world that, through digital images transmitted on high-definition screens, allows your company to be seen by thousands of potential customers at the same time. In this way, your ad rotates in a cyclic pattern on all screens of our network.



Among the benefits offered by our system are:


• We are the only network that offers this digital advertising system in the Hispanic-Canadian market. We are currently reaching thousands of people monthly with our INTERACTIVE DIGITAL SIGNAL SCREENS distributed in the main cities of Ontario (Canada).


• Your commercial image will be in the most visited sites by the Latin American community.

Columbus Bakery No.1              2931 Dufferin St                             Toronto
Columbus Bakery No 2.             2111 Jane St, Unit 9                       Toronto

XtremeBeauty                            2468 Dufferin St                             Toronto            

Esto es Colombia                       2848 Dufferin St                             Toronto          

Sabor del Pacifico                      Coming Soon.                                 Toronto            
Mundial Envios                          1926 Eglinton Ave West                  Toronto

EL GAUCHO                             40 Beverly Hills Drive                      Toronto

Mily´s Hair Salon                       2111 Jane St, Unit 10.                     Toronto

El Rincón Paisa                         1885 Eglinton Ave W                       Toronto

MATIZ Hair Experience             3308 Lakeshore Blvd W                  Etobicoke

Columbus Bakery No.3              40 Bristol Rd E #2                           Mississauga  
Fanery´s Convenience               3085 Hurontario St, Unit 9              Mississauga    
La Favorita Latin Market            18 Queen St, West                          Brampton
Sara´s Bakery.                            4000 Steels Ave W                          Vaughan, On

Latin World                                 1028 St Clair Ave W                        Toronto

Latin World                                 1229 Bloor St W                              Toronto

Latin World                                 1820 Eglinton Ave W                       Toronto

Latin World                                 1262 Bloor St W                              Toronto

La Tía Flor                                  1549 O´connor Dr                            East York

Obelisk One                               3590 Kaneff Crescent                       Mississauga

Gordo Ex Cafe                           1048 Bathurst St.                              Toronto

El Antojo Bakery                         825 Weber St E #5                           Kitchener
TORONTO                                 MISSISSAUGA                               BARRIE
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