We are an agency that generates content for all types of advertising in Ontario, Canada; passionate about communicating innovative ideas embodied in a broad portfolio of services, creating campaigns based on research and exploration of trends, media and styles; defined in concepts with great impact, creation and development of brand through visual arts, photography, videos and digital projects such as web pages, management of Social Networks, among others. We also provide printing services for corporate stationery, magazines, newspapers, banners, billboards and all kinds of POP material.


Your commercial image will be seen by thousands of people at the same time on our television screens located in the most visited sites by the Latin community of the GTA.

From the smallest to the largest company, the goal is the same...Send your message to as many people as possible and that they want to know more about your company.


Agency - Interactive Screens is a company located in Ontario, Canada (since 2010), offering advertising services on television screens located in Toronto, GTA and its surroundings. More companies are using television screens to carry their advertising message in an attractive and dynamic way.


Our high resolution television screens are located in strategic places where they can be seen by potential clients in Spanish and English. Visit one of our live advertising screens.


Leo Rodriguez


Alejo M Ocampo
W Martinez


Creative Director

Claudia Hern

Manager Assistant

Katty Low


Andrew James

Production Manager



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